A total of  SIX  rounds will be sailed, with SIX races being sailed EACH week, best FOUR rounds to count.   The same yacht must be sailed in each round, unless mechanical problems cannot be repaired at the lakeside.  

This week saw the start of the long overdue Frostbite Series and the best laid plans to cram two weeks into one fell at the first hurdle due to conditions and technical problems. The wind was very gusty and we started with No. 2 rigs but we were at the top end of them, and the use of No. 3s was a possibility. The regular  triangular course starting between the jetty and Mark 7, to 3, on to 5 and back to 7 was set and racing got off to an exciting start after the champagne launch of Dave's new Tonic yacht cleverly called Ginand!  Sadly Dave's celebrations were short lived due to a dodgy rudder servo, and his racing day was over. Brian won the first three races and once again took the honours for the first round, with Roger 2nd and Paul 3rd. Sudden gusts took their toll on other boats causing difficult handling and temporary loss of control, and leaving Simon with a flapping jib sail only yards from the finishing line at one point whilst the rest of the fleet sailed passed him.



Round 2 of the overdue Frostbite Series saw the welcome debut of new skipper John Wray and the return of his Kite yacht to Bridlington. A triangular course was set from between 6 and 7, across to number 1, back to 5 and then 7. Roger got off to a flying start in race 1 but then Brian took the next three races to maintain his maximum point run to nine rounds. Roger finished 2nd on the day and Dave's new boat seemed to have overcome last week's teething problems, and won race 5, resulting in 3rd place for the day.

The challenge is on to beat Skipper "Jammy" Hartley in the next round!


Round 3 of the Frostbite Series saw 6 skippers sailing the now usual triangular course around buoys 7, 3 and 5. Good winds provided some close racing complicated by sudden gusts resulting in occasional mayhem around buoys 3 and 7.  Brian's run of maximum points was seriously challenged by Roger with them sharing the first places 4 and 2 respectively. The end result was that Brian maintained his winning run by 1 point, Roger claiming the close 2nd and Paul just pipping Dave for 3rd.

John seems to be learning fast and managed to keep up with the fleet by the end of the day.



Five skippers competed on a surprisingly chilly but bright day.  A figure of 8 course was set from Buoy 1 to Buoy 5, down to 7 then across the pond to buoy 2 and back to 1 for two laps then finishing from 1 to 8.  Brian almost completed a full house today winning five of the six races with Simon winning race 2.  Dave had a better day finishing 2nd in 4 of today's races, which resulted in him taking second place for the day behind Brian, and Simon taking third place.



Due to inclement weather, sickness, work commitments, holidays, technical problems, lack of numbers, etc., the Frostbite Series got miles behind schedule and we were already in the summer period with two rounds still to complete. Brian Hartley had won four rounds gaining maximum points and an unassailable lead, so it was decided to abandon the series at that stage. Congratulations therefore go to Jammy and to Roger Monks and Dave Johnston who took 2nd and 3rd places respectively. 


  Rounds in Series 6      
  No. Best Scores 4      
                BEST 4 TOTAL POINTS
1 Brian Hartley 100 100 100 100     400
2 Roger Monks 78 78 82       238
3 Dave Johnston 10 55 46 78     189
4 Paul Beardshaw 55 33 64 33     185
5 Simon Booth 33   28 55     116
6 John Wray   10 10 10     30