A total of  SIX  rounds will be sailed, with SIX races being sailed EACH week, best FOUR  rounds to count.    The same model yacht must be sailed in each round.  



No doubt still smarting from the loss of his Summer Series crown, Brian Hartley got the 2018 Trafalgar Trophy series of to a flying start by winning the first race, albeit by inches, while denying Stuart Axon his first win. (Boo!) Five skippers competed over a triangular course around Buoys 7. 3 and 1 in variable winds with wins for Brian, Roger and Dave Johnston. The top three places were closely contested with Brian ending up with today's honours, Dave taking the second spot pushing Roger Monks into third despite him winning three of the races.


Round 2 of this yearís Trafalgar Trophy was held today with seven skippers struggling to find the wind around the triangular course. The start was from between Buoys 6 and 7, over to Buoy 3 then along the far side of the pond to Buoy 5 and back to 7 for a couple of laps. The finish was from 7 to 8 which proved to be a struggle for all concerned. Dave Johnston got off to a good start by winning the first race with Brian Hartley coming second. These positions were reversed in Race 2 with Roger Monks finishing third in both. Brian dominated the fleet for the remaining races by finishing in first place in all of the others and obviously easily earned the maximum points for the day. Dave came second and George Younger ended up in third place.


A drastic drop in temperature and a blustery breeze saw five skippers competing in Round 3 of this yearís Trafalgar Trophy. All five wisely chose their number 2 rigs and sailed a triangular course from the pontoon and Buoy 1, to Buoy 5. From there it was down to Buoy 7 and back to Buoy 1 for two laps with the finish from Buoy 1 back to the usual finish at Buoy 8.

Brian Hartley dominated the fleet today by winning the first five races, but had his clean sheet spoiled by Dave Johnston who won the sixth pushing Brian into 2nd place. Needless to say, Brian took the ten points for the day and has maintained his maximum score for the series up to now. George Younger grabbed 2nd place for the day after four 2nd place finishes. Dave Johnstonís win in race 6 secured the third place for the day.


Round four of the 2018 Trafalgar Trophy was held today on a glorious sunny Indian Summer day, with a fair breeze across most of the lake. Seven skippers competed on an unusual course from Buoys 5 and 6 to Buoy 1. It was then up to Buoy 4, down to buoy 8 then back to 5. After two laps, the finish was from Buoy 5 to the usual buoy 8 finish line. This ensured we stayed in the areas of most wind, and although it was far more complicated than normal, no boats went the wrong way!

Roger Monks started the day well with a win in Race 1, but was then dogged with technical troubles and failed to finish in Races 2 and 4. Phil Parsons had a good day by winning four of the races, and claiming the maximum points for the round. Brian won the remaining race and his other results secured the second spot thereby making him this yearís champion as his lead is now unassailable. However, the runner-up spot is still up for grabs, so the next two rounds should be exciting. Congratulations to Jammy once again on yet another championship, and retaining the Trafalgar Trophy until next year.


Round five of this yearís Trafalgar Trophy got under way on a bright day, with a healthy breeze blowing across the lake. The start was from between the pontoon and Buoy 7 then sailing diagonally across to Buoy 3, down to Buoy 1 and back to Buoy 7 for two laps and finishing from Buoy 7 to Buoy 8. All boats were fitted with the No 2 rigs and the Lintel of Roger Monks showed the rest of the fleet a clean pair of heels and finished well ahead of everyone in the first race. Confirmed 2018 Champion Brian Hartley won the second race and pushed Roger into second in the last race but only after Roger had been triumphant in races 3 ,4 and 5 giving him the maximum points for the day. Brian was the runner up today with Phil Parsons in third after a good day with three second place finishes.

There were quite a few collisions around the buoys, and poor Dave Johnston was unlucky to suffer a torn jib sail after an unfortunate collision before the start of the second race. This is his second torn sail of the series, but he struggled on after a temporary repair and completed the day.

The runner up position is still up for grabs as we approach the final round with two or three still in contention.


  Trafalgar Trophy 2018
  Rounds in Series 6      
  No. Best Scores 4      
                BEST 4 TOTAL POINTS
1 Brian Hartley 10 10 10 9 9   39
2 Dave Johnston 9 9 8 7 4   33
3 George Younger   8 9 8 7   32
4 Roger Monks 8 6   5 10   29
5 Paul Beardshaw 7 7 7 6 6   27
6 Phil Parsons   5   10 8   23
7 Stuart Axon 6 4 6 4 5   21
8 Simon Booth              

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